my teenage love do thee i pledge

Best Coast - When I’m With You // Magic Wands - Teenage Love // Cults - Always Forever // Tennis - Dreaming // La Sera - Please Be My Third Eye // Bleached - Think of You // Eternal Summers - I Love You // Best Coast - No One Like You

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FeministThere is no Iggy, Lana, Marina, or Lorde in this mix. No white feminism here, bye.

i. Flawless BEYONCE
ii. Fxxk Boyz Get Money FEMM
iii. Bad Girls M.I.A
iv. Long Way 2 Go CASSIE
v. I Am The Best 2NE1
viii. Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy TATA YOUNG
ix. Anaconda NICKI MINAJ
x. Truth Or Dare GAIN
xiii. I Am Your Leader NICKI MINAJ


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remember that we lived

lolol - zankyou no terror ost 1 // operation prometheus - kraddy // ekki mukk - sigur ros // blasphemous rumors - depache mode // wormsschets - iceland // formidable - stromae // the iceland sound - superpoze // ouvertuere - oedipus tyrann // blow it up - the vaccines // luppulagio - sigur ros // dare ka umi wo - aimer

San Cisco - Awkward


Why do you hold on so tight?

What do you fear?

Mother Mother - The Stand


74/365 days of music

talk about space!
well, its a beautiful place
the stand | mother mother


a HUGE fanmix dedicated to stardust crusaders and all the musical references in it!! x

1. Centerfold - J. Geils Band/ 2. Livin’ On The Edge Of The Night - Iggy Pop/ 3.Barracuda - Heart/ 4. Friends - Bette Midler/ 5. Sacred Heart - Dio/ 6. Do the Dark - Blondie/ 7. Here To Go - Devo/ 8. Heat Of The Moment - Asia/ 9. When The Saints Go Marching In - Fats Domino/ 10. Suburbia - Pet Shop Boys/ 11. Knights by Nights - Cameo/ 12. Don’t Take Me Alive - Steely Dan/ 13. Can’t Stop Dancin’ - Captain and Tennille/ 14. Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice/ 15. No One Lives Forever - Oingo Boingo/ 16. Whip It - Devo/ 17. Notorious - Duran Duran/ 18. Tales of Brave Ulysses - Cream/ 19. Savin’ The Day - Alessi Brothers/ 20. If You All Get To Heaven - Terence Trent D’arby/ 21. Holy Diver - Dio/ 22. Float On - Modest Mouse/ 23. Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin/ 24. Walk Like An Egyptian- The Bangles/ 25. Orinoco Flow - Enya/ 26. Get back - The Beatles/

Vance Joy - Riptide


Riptide | Vance Joy

and i love you when you’re singing this song but

i got a lump in my throat cause

you’re gonna sing the words wrong

Milky Chance - Stolen Dance


you+i // a playlist inspired by jeanmarco authors and their amazing work

like a drum, render, ghost story, as much as i ever could, do you like or like-like me, a little faith, benvenuto, wisteria+fmn, paper cages, angel, to my beat and you don’t stop, omawari-san, once then twice again, to everything there is a season, a multitude of drops


take / back ; twelve songs to listen to on the bus: take back your life in 39 minutes[ listen ] 

i. infinitesimal - mother mother ii. the stand - mother mother iii. birth in reverse - st. vincent iv. take back - manceau v. awkward - san cisco vi. little by little- manceau vii. lights on - the pierces viii. this is gospel - panic! at the disco ix. fake! fake! - a crow is white  x. oh no! - marina and the diamonds  xi. take a walk - passion pit xii. girls - the 1975

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